Singapore Registered Address Service

singapore registered address service

If you are starting a new business or have recently moved to Singapore, you may want to use a Singapore registered address service. There are a variety of advantages to using a registered address. You can check your incoming mail, which is essential if you want to avoid missing important reminders such as annual filing, changes to policies or a new government scheme. A registered office address is also beneficial for foreign business owners and financial institutes, as space in Singapore is limited and office rent is expensive.


Jaanik, Singapore registered address service is a great choice if you’re looking for a registered address for your business. Their services are designed to be flexible, and they offer a 24-hour hotline to answer your questions. They have a team of Chartered Accountants and accredited professionals who will ensure that your business is compliant with the Companies Act. In addition to being a registered address provider, Jaanik can handle all of your trademark registration needs and help you apply for work passes.

Having a registered address in Singapore is essential for a company to incorporate in Singapore. This address must be available for the general public to visit and inquire about the company. This location also needs to be manned during business hours. Your registered office address is also where government bodies and banks send correspondence to your company.

Singapore Business Centre

If you own a company, you may want to consider registering it with the Singapore Business Centre. The service will provide your business with a local address that will be recognized as your registered office. You will receive mail notifications at your registered address from the business centre. This service is also less expensive than renting an office. A typical monthly rental fee for an office in Singapore is around $2 to $16 per square foot.

You can also choose a virtual address. A Singapore virtual address provides you with the same benefits as a physical address, such as flexibility. Your mail can be forwarded, scanned, and sent.


Registering an address is an essential process in Singapore, whether you are running a small business or a global corporation. Singapore’s business laws require every company to have a local address. Whether you’re setting up an online business or registering a new company with the ACRA, HeySara can help you with the process.

For new businesses, a registered address can be particularly useful. The location of your company can be crucial when you want to attract investors or potential customers. An office in an industrial park might not be as convenient for visitors or customers as an address in the city centre. Furthermore, if you’re meeting with prospective customers, you’d want to be near a prominent landmark so that potential clients can easily find you and contact you.


Rikvin is a Singapore-based firm offering a comprehensive array of incorporation services. Its head office is in Raffles Place in the city-state’s business district. The company’s competitive pricing and clear explanations of costs and procedures make it an excellent choice for incorporating a business in Singapore. The services Rikvin offers range from basic incorporation to a comprehensive suite of work visa services.

A registered address in Singapore is an important first step in establishing your company in the country. It demonstrates to clients and potential customers that you are professional, established and have capital. The office can also serve as a meeting venue for clients and other business partners.