How to Go About Having a Business Address

Singapore business address

Having a business address in Singapore is a huge advantage. It makes you more visible and accessible to the public. Furthermore, it is crucial for your company’s legal status. You can take advantage of the numerous commercial opportunities that Singapore has to offer. So, how do you go about having one? Here are some tips to help you get started.

It gives you a coveted business address

Having a business address in Singapore can give you a lot of benefits. It will give you a chance to connect with a diverse range of people, from local entrepreneurs to multinational companies. In fact, there are 7,000 companies in Singapore using a virtual office as their registered office. In addition, it opens up a lot of commercial opportunities.

It is easy to find

When starting a business in Singapore, it is essential to have a physical address. The government requires every company to have a local business address. The registered office address is where all correspondence from government agencies goes. It is also the place where the public can visit your business.

It is accessible to the public

The registered office address of a company is required by law to be accessible to the public. This address must be located in Singapore. This address does not have to be the actual place where the company operates, but it must be a local address. The registered office must be accessible during business hours, and it must be manned at all times. In addition, it must be able to receive correspondence from government entities, such as the Singaporean government.

It is vital to the legality of your company

The legality of your company relies on the location of your registered office. According to the Companies Act, Cap. 50, your company must have a Singapore business address. This address is essential for your company to receive correspondence from government agencies.

It is cost-effective

When starting a new business in Singapore, having a registered office address is a good idea. Not only will your business be easily accessible to your clients, but your business will also be able to make a good first impression. To help you with this, you can rent a Singapore business address at a reasonable price. These offices are open during business hours and come with mail forwarding services and a local landline.

It is easy to update

You can update your Singapore business address with ease. The first step is to decide which address you want to update on your registered business address. After that, pass a board resolution approving the change of address, update ACRA, and notify other stakeholders and government agencies.